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KEIUMI--For you and me One day in my spare time, I walked on the streets of New York and saw the following scene: "I only have $13. This is all my savings. I want to buy a birthday present for my seriously ill brother. It may be his last birthday present." "Sorry, , little friend, this toy car costs at least $14." the salesman shook his head apologetically at the skinny boy in front of him. "I... I still have $1... I was going to buy ice cream..." The little girl that followed was cowardly. "that's all you have for pocket money. Are you going to give it all to me?" The little boy can't believe it. "Mm-hmm." The little girl hesitated for a moment. or nodded slightly.with a serious expression as if she had made a choice of life and death. "all right." The little boy slowly turned his head as if he had made up his mind and asked, "Auntie, how much is the reborn doll on the counter?" The salesman immediately took off the expensive price tag on the doll and said directly. "for $14. with two ice cream and a racing car." The tone is gentle and firm, so that the sun seems to soften a lot. This encounter makes the little boy and the little girl the best friend. The little kindness allowed the boy's brother to celebrate one of his warmest birthdays. The shop assistant was not only punished by the boss. but received a commendation and became the youngest partner in the toy store. So I decided to create a doll brand dedicated to all love hopes and mutual assistance in the world. KEIUMI was born that night. KEIUMI--FOR YOU AND ME KEIUMI FOR YOU AND ME.

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